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Link to full Bounty Program: https://crypto.giscorponline.com/bounty/ Below are the complete details of the GISC Loancoin bounty program. The GISC Loancoin token ICO started on August 12, 2017, we invite you to participate in our bounty campaign to build the needed awareness about the project to its target crypto currency marketplace. Global Investment Services Corp. is an investment corporation providing transactional and financial services to companies, institutions, corporate officers and high net worth individuals on a global scale. The GISC LoanCoin sale of 60 000 000 GIS will be issued in total. 2% of the total supply (100,000,000) of GISC Loancoins will be distributed as a bounty reward after the token sale is completed based on the total number of circulating tokens is determined. This amount can vary on how successful the token sale will be. The more successful the token sale is, the more tokens will be allocated to the users providing a service. There are no fix stats.The bounty campaign token will be allocated as follows: 50% Signature and avatar campaign (1,000,000 Tokens) 20% Twitter bounty (400,000 Tokens) 10% Facebook Bounty (200,00 Tokens) 10% Blog Bounty (200,000 Tokens) 10% Media Publications (200,000 Tokens) To participate in any of the bounty campaigns, you have to join our Telegram group to enhance communication among participants. Please also fill out our Form Click Here. This is very important so that we can communicate with everyone. Bitcointalk Signature and Avatar Campaign Bounty Help us spread the word about GISC Loancoin you will receive GISC Loancoin in the amount of GISC tokens allocated for signature bounties: 50% of the total supply (approx. 1 000 000 GIS). To be eligible for a GISC Loancoin reward: You must be an active Bitcointalk user. You must be willing to make at least 50 posts with the GISC Loancoin signature before the token sale ends. You must be willing to make at least 15 posts per week. You must have no negative trust. You must be willing to make posts in alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) section You must not spam so as not to be banned from the bounty campaign. You will not use multiple signatures at the same time. You will not use another site’s avatar. You will not change your signature in the course of the campaign. Your posts must be constructive. Legendary/Hero — 5000 x GIS allocated Sr./Full —  2500 x GIS allocated Member —  1000 x GIS allocated Jr. Member —  500 x GIS allocated Avatar on —  100 x GIS allocated Apply via this form to participate (please make sure you already have your signature/avatar uploaded). Discussion Boards will not count: Politics and Society, Off-topic, Archival, Posts in “tipster” threads, Auctions, Press, Investor based games and Local boards which resemble any of the aforementioned boards. Avatar Image Download Link: Click Here Set this as your personal text:


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