ETHEREUMCARD - limited edition of digital assets made exclusively for Ethereum!

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Build your collection of blockchain-based trading cards!

EverdreamSoft launches another from its series of blockchain-based trading cards, playable in Moonga and Spells of Genesis. After XCPCARD, SJCXCARD, GEMZCARD, XCPCARD and SWARMCD, now you can purchase ETHEREUMCARD! Exclusively designed for Ethereum, the card is playable as "Sir of the Ether".

You can purchase the 1st card for an equivalent of 1 USD on Counterparty and the price will gradually increase with the number of cards being purchased. This means the sooner you buy your ETHEREUMCARD, the less you'll pay! In the future we expect the cards to acquire more value as they are collector items.

Be sure your collection of blockchain-based cards is complete! Find all our blockchain-based trading cards HERE!


EverdreamSoft is a swiss based company specialized in the field of mobile games development. With Moonga, our main trading card game we were among the first to have a free-to-play game on the AppStore in 2009.

Spells of Genesis is our upcoming mobile game, which will integrate bitcoin and blockchain technology in its game economy as well as in its storyline. It's targeted for release later this year.

The game launch is preceded by the BitCrystals Token Sale, a crowdfund which will allow us to rise funds necessary to the full game development.
The BitCrystals Token Sale will start on July 29th 2015 on Swarm


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