Does anybody know what this message means:

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I'm getting a mass of this messages, while syncing:
4428 queue.go:142] Hash 233fe1746be46f5f87604c1cab599093b685cbdc8c1a5821f4fcb225b08c02b0 already scheduled at index 8189
I'm only syncing, not mining. Could this be a reason, why my geth isn't caching up with the blockchain? (See this thread)


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    anh, shouldn't be. I see these messages frequently when i start syncing and they don't seem to affect anything. The reason why you're not being able to catch up (according to your other thread) is that your machine is finding it hard to cope with the transaction flood that we have been intentionally running between blocks 500,000 - 700,000, roughly. What kind of CPU do you have on your machine and how much RAM?

    Actually, I'm re-syncing my blockchain as I'm writing this and I am seeing a considerable performance improvement in terms of downloading and processing blocks since the latest update to geth. Try again!
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    Tx for reply!
    I have a quad XEON and 12GB ram.
    Updated geth yesterday before I went to sleep and let it run ~8h .
    In the evening chainSyncStatus returned at block #632921, TS 22:32:12.304196:
      blocksAvailable: 25577,
      blocksWaitingForImport: 1024,
      estimate: '17h42m52.470266727s',
      importing: 428
    and in the morning at block #644441, TS 07:07:14.279034:
      blocksAvailable: 14313,
      blocksWaitingForImport: 1024,
      estimate: '14h16m35.155041405s',
      importing: 168
    So not really a progress :(
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