Still seeing occasional fork-like behavior with build 0.9.28

oliverkxoliverkx Member Posts: 85
Most of the time, things are going well. But on occasion, some machines fall behind. Earlier today, I noticed that was running about 100 blocks behind stats.ethdev. Not sure which technology stack it is using, and it has since caught-up. Then, a few minutes ago, one of my geth instances was running about 400 blocks behind stats.ethdev. I have since restarted it, and it has now caught up once more. During the same time period, my other geth instances (on two other machines) were doing fine.

Just wanted to get the word out, hoping that the more technically inclined can make some sense out of it. Unfortunately, I don't have any log files for this incident. I am not even sure what log level should I use? Anything greater than 4 seems to generate too much data to run on a continuous basis.



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