third-party keys: let wallets create additional, temporary, private keys

resilience_meresilience_me Member Posts: 7
if an address could create new, temporary, private keys, that might be smart

and if these new keys could have different rules and regulations. for example, one key might have an upper-limit on how much payments it can authorise, like, maybe 0.1BTC/month

and other forms of rules. like, "this private key can only send money to this address"

these keys can then be given to third parties, and this could automate stuff

and a new key can be deleted at any time. and the rules for it could be changed at any time.

they could be called 'third-party keys'

being able to authorise third parties, but in a safe and controlled setting, would help my development with, and I can imagine more potential applications, such as BitTip/CoinAwesome, subscription payments, auto-billing.


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