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One Click. Your Coins.
Just works without effort, but you can still take a look on how things are going.

Version 2.13

In the late summer of 2017, a friend of mine ask me how to get started with mining with his AMD 390.
While I would have been able to get this done in less then 10 minutes, doing it remote via text messages turned out to be an annoying process.
We talked about miners, pools, the windows command line and how to bring them all together for quite same time. Explaining multiple new concepts at the same time really does not work out to well most of the times.... I really wished there was an application which I could just throw at him, like: Look, here is an application which will get you started into mining, you don’t need to do or know anything at all, just start it!
Soo, here we are, more than one year later and proudly present to the public myMiner, which is just that: a one-click miner.
There is no need to create an account or to configure anything, just start it and you are in business.
You can take a look how mining works and if you want to invest further time in it, without doing anything upfront!
We take a little cut for us (the developers), but apart from that, myMiner is free-of-charge, no ads, no data collection, no telemetry and no premium features.
myMiner mines using your wallet (either generated by myMiner or provided by you) directly.

What are your thoughts?


  • Direct poolmining
    We are not a man in the middle, there is no loss of money due to non-transparent exchange processes.
    If you want to exchange your Coins, you should do it on your own and get better exchange rates.

  • Verifiable progress
    All numbers and values are checkable with third parties. You can verify your pool balance on the website of your pool, so myMiner cannot show any fake data and mine secretly in favor of someone else.

  • No login or registration
    For real mining you never need any account. You only need a Wallet-Address, which is generated by myMiner. If you already have a Wallet-Address, you can use it, of course.

  • GUI with wallet- and poolbalance
    There are even more information regarding your mining devices in expert mode.

  • Up-to-date exchange rates
    To find the most profitable Coin, myMiner looks up exchange rates regularly.

  • Devfee 2%
    We want to develop and improve the software more and more. There is a fee of 2%.

While this release is fully functional, it is still an alpha release. Therefore let me introduce you to what is currently implemented, what is work in progress and what features are up next:

- Pool, Coin and Miner choosing
- More Currencies/Pools and miners
- Supported GPUs: AMD HD7000 series [GCN1] and newer, NVIDIA GTX600 series [Kepler] and newer*
* (NVIDIA RTX 2000 series tbd.)


  • Which Currencies are supported?
    At the moment you can mine Ethereum(ETH) and Monero(XMR).

  • Which mining software is included?
    Ethminer ( and XMR-Stak (

  • Which Pools can I use?; Hashvault

  • Can I use my own Wallet-Address?

  • Why is myMiner trustful?
    To verify, that myMiner displays correct performance values, you can visit the website of your pool and check your progress.
    This makes the use of myMiner comfortable, because you need not to worry about fake data.
    Also, you will get your payouts directly from the pool, so we never get in touch with your earnings.
    In addition, this is not a self-moderated topic and you can see our contact details on our website:
    We also do not promise any fabulous hashrates, you will use the mining software everyone else does. myMiner is just a tool to make it as simple as possible.

    Use the software on your own and give it to peoples, who are new to Cryptocurrencies and want to start mining.

    We are interested in your feedback and feature-requests 🙂

    - Website
    - Twitter


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    - fixed an issue regarding Nvidia Turing (RTX 2000, GTX 1600) [myMiner exited]

    - Preparations to add more Coins
    - Wallet-files are now generated in a subdirectory called „myMiner_Wallets"
    - Updated XMR_Stak to 2.10
    - GUI improvements
    - Configtool can now be opened within myMiner
    - Logfiles now located in %appdata%\..\local\myMiner\Logfiles
    - Now displays message box on critial (about-to-exit) failure

    - GUI improvments
    - Configtool added

    - Added XMR
    - Bug Fixes
  • myMiner_orgmyMiner_org Member Posts: 5
    - added support for Ethereum classic
    - added support for Cruxpool (ETH pool)
    - added support for Coinfoundry (XMR pool)
    - improved counting of stale and invalid shares
    - minor GUI fixes and improvements
  • myMiner_orgmyMiner_org Member Posts: 5
    - New Help Interface (press 'H'-key or click the '?'-Button)
    - Updated German translation
    - minor GUI fixes and improvements
    - Bug fixes for pool selection
  • myMiner_orgmyMiner_org Member Posts: 5

    myMiner now runs on every windows-machine on the planet :-)
    - CPU Mining
    - RandomX Support for CPU
    - more GUI fixes and improvements
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