Ethereum, Marijuana and Freedom

By Chas Holloway
(OSG White Paper author)

People are telling me politics works. To prove it, look at Oregon. Cannabis is legal. The people have spoken and they now have a new freedom. So I went there recently to check it out. And after talking to several pot shop owners, I learned:

o Cannabis shops are allowed to operate until Dec 31, 2016, at which time the State will shut them down and all sales thereafter will take place only in State Liquor Control Board licensed stores.

o Customers may purchase a maximum of one quarter ounce of “dried marijuana leaf” at one time.

o Cannabis infused products (edibles, tinctures, CBDs) are disallowed.

o Each marijuana plant must have a registration number on file with the Bureau of Alcohol Beverage Control.

o There is a 25 percent tax on all pot sales.

The people voted for marijuana freedom and the paranoid politicians of Oregon gave them a Soviet style economy!

Make no mistake – this is not freedom. You might call it a way for Oregon politicians to get their mitts into the $1 billion cannabis makes each year. Or a way to give Oregon cops more power to invade your home, your car and your wallet. Or a way to claim state ownership of your biological life. But it’s not freedom.

This is why politics is collapsing. Why politics is being superseded by Ethereum’s dapps and smart contracts and Open Source Government. Oregon’s new pot laws are just another example of how politicians don’t understand what freedom is.

Let’s get this straight: getting an Oregon state permit is not freedom. A permit is a bureaucrat saying, “I grant you permission to do this activity subject to the conditions I describe, and I can revoke said permission at any time, and you’d better never forget that fact, sucker, because I have power over you, and you will obey.”

I visited dozens of “dangerous” pot shops. Did I see depravity? No. I saw small Norman Rockwell entrepreneurs risking their life savings, I saw old-style American independence, I saw pride of ownership, stylish décor, little communities where customers feel at home.

And how do the Oregon bureaucrats react to this new Americana? The Nordstrom-suit-with-stretch-black-knee-socks-gang? The gag-and-vomit boys? Do they nurture creativity? Do they create real Free Zones? Economic laboratories of liberty? No. These fake intellectual crustaceous Bible-belt alcoholics with rules they revere more than the Blood of Christ have just found another way to loot in the name of “social order.”

If you want to know what freedom really is, look at Ethereum. You’ll see dozens (soon thousands) of free micro-societies. And they’re already expanding and growing into each other like a rising lake flooding a desert.

Forget the phony “freedom” they’re peddling in the Socialist Republic of Oregon.

If you want to get your head around true freedom – and how you can help build it – download the OSG white paper HERE:

(This is a direct download link. The OSG White Paper by Chas Holloway is free. You don't have to register or enter your email. Just download.)


  • chasosgchasosg Member Posts: 51
    NOTE: if you're a developer building a social net on Ethereum you MUST understand and integrate OSG algorithms into your project. Otherwise your project won't be stable.

    Without OSG algorithms, your project will inevitably decay into just another type of central organization.

    Here's an example of what I mean (in the brick-and-mortar world): Uber is a great and popular new technology. It circumvented the old legacy taxi monopolies that exist all over the world. But now, because of pressure from the U.S. political state, Uber drivers are being unionized.

    Unions are a central organization concept. They are a political system that dictates how others should act. This is antithetical to what Ethereum is all about. And it's happening because Uber people don't understand what freedom is. They think they're getting more freedom but they're actually inviting central organization into their cars.

    You don't want the same thing happening to your Ethereum project.

    The OSG white paper is a scientific explanation of how to permanently avoid this type of thing. Read it!

    -- CHas Holloway
  • MokeyMokey Member Posts: 37
    I love medical marijuana
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