CryptoDice: A Sick Sic Bo Game

If you are a casino player or just someone that likes the thrill of betting games, you might have already come across the game Sic Bo. It’s an ancient Chinese game, so ancient but still so relevant today. It has been in casinos for a long time and is most enjoyed by Asian players. But what if I tell you that you don’t have to be a casino player, nor an Asian, nor go to casinos to be able to play and love Sic Bo?

There is an online blockchain based Sic Bo game in the market today. It’s CryptoDice! Since it is powered by the blockchain technology, you can wager all you want and be safe in the knowledge that no one is tampering with the results of the dice. The game is also very easy, even non-casino or non-Sic Bo players can learn it fast! CryptoDice gives instructions on how to play the game in their game site and assists people who have troubles via a telegram customer service assistance.

CryptoDice is playable anywhere you are! You just have to be connected to the internet, make sure you load up a Metamask account and you can already play CryptoDice! They also partnered with Dappsite recently to give 0.5 ETH to three lucky winners for a raffle! For more details on the raffle, see the pinned message here: And of course, play CryptoDice now!


  • MokeyMokey Member Posts: 37
    Of course I played dice on cryptocurrency, but now I'm addicted to playing quick fire slots. It's incredibly fun and I can win the coveted cryptocurrency very quickly. I have long dreamed of finding a way to quickly replenish my crypto wallet and now my dream has come true. Do you guys play slots?
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