CryptoDice and Dappsite ETH Giveaway—EXTENDED!

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What we know:
Dappsite is a dApp listing site designed to bring the latest and hottest decentralized apps! Decentralized apps are games or applications based on the blockchain technology which uses cryptocurrencies as a monetary medium of exchange.

CryptoDice is a form of dApp. It is a gambling blockchain game based on “Sic Bo”, a casino game. Its gist is to wager on the result of three dice and the more you bet, the bigger chances of winning! CryptoDice runs on Ethereum Smart Contract which allows it to use Ether or ETH as digital currency.

Good News:
CryptoDice and Dappsite partnered to give their audience a chance to win free ETH! This giveaway was launched on December 2018 which draw is supposed to be on January 7th, 2019. To join the giveaway, all you have to do is join Dappsite Community Telegram group, play CryptoDice, take a selfie while playing and waiting for bet results as proof and send the selfie to the Dappsite Community Telegram group to earn an entry! Easy!

Greater News:
The giveaway has been extended! You can still join and potentially win ETH! The draw will now be on February 28, 2019! And who knows, the prize may just get bigger! Join now! See the pinned message on Dappsite Community Telegram group for more details!

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