Landlord Dapp for shared living

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Shared accommodation is becoming increasingly common among young people and is the norm for most students and young professionals.

One problem is that students and young people are vulnerable to over paying and another problem is it’s generally not easy to find the right housemates.

Generally an agent manages the property and rents individual rooms at a premium on behalf of the property owner.

Let's remove these middle men with a landlord app!

How it works

There is a social network that is based around properties, locations and works in real time so only those who are actively looking remain in each network. Users can either search for housemates depending on interests and goals or express interest in properties and view other who are interested in properties.

Users can then naturally group together to form student houses, community living projects and even incubator/startup type houses. Image 20 ethereum devs all with similar interests living in a house for six months!

The rent is collected by a smart contract managed through the app so user can pay for just their percentage of the house. You can even incorporate bills into the contact perhaps. When the contract is full user can view the other house members and talk in a private forum before agreeing the contact and the funds can then be released to the property owner.

This solves two problems. One a property owner no longer needs to pay an agent to find people for their property. A property owner pays less fees. A property owener can list a property for free so it serves as free advertising. Renters can join together and rent properties without having to trust one person to collect rent or have to pay agencies fees.


The contract can either include a very small fee or be based on donations. It’s a very cheap to implement system.


Students, young people and technologist are the most likely people to use new technology. All students and young people need and want to save money. If the app works it’s a no brainer for people searching for a room in a house. It's cheaper, you have more control over who you live with and it's easier.

This is a free and open project. Get in touch if you would like to collaborate or leave feedback, ideas and thoughts in the comments.


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