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Ticker Symbol:MH370
Starting Price Pre-ICO: $0.05
Total Supply: 200000000
Decimal: 8
Minimum Purchase: $50

What does the theft of billions of dollars by corrupt Malaysian officials and the LIVE harvesting of transplant organs from innocent Prisoners of Conscience by the Chinese government have to do with the disappearance of Malaysia Flight #370?
All this you can find out by joining our ICO.

A-List talent such as Director Martin Scorsese along with well-known actors Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Lady Gaga, and others have been banned from China because they dared to be critical of China’s horrendous human rights abuses. Their reps are aware of this project and all have said that their client would like to receive a firm offer before attaching to the project.

Road Map

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