Rig reboot if gpu is not found

milenmilen Member Posts: 2
Hey folks! My first question on this forum :) I have 8 Gigabyte Radeon RX580 with Asus Prime H270-Plus motherboard and I'm having some troubles getting all gpu's to start together. I live in an area where power outages happen once or twice a month, and when it happen the rig starts but with only 6 or 7 gpus. To get them all running i have to manually reboot the rig via teamviewer or from the power button. Is there any way to make it reboot automatically if a gpu is missing? I am using OverdriveNtool for overclock and hwinfo, and I am mining with Claymore v11.8.


  • lablettlablett Member Posts: 333 ✭✭
    I think your main problem is that the power cut to losing a card and it takes MS Windows some time to re-install the card. Therefore, increase your time out before your start mining to 3 minutes.
  • milenmilen Member Posts: 2
    Its not showing up in device manager either. Also the gpu fans are working at 100%. Every time its a different card.
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