Win 10 Pro rig with 3 GPUs freezing - help!?

cdnminercdnminer Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone,

I have the following rig setup:

Windows 10 Pro - newly installed, fully patched
Control panel performance set to high, never turn off etc
Paging set to 18-20 GB
4GB RAM installed - but tested in 8 GB RAM rig and had same issues
Celeron CPU

3 x MSI Radeon RX 580 GPUs installed. I have tried 2 installed directly onto the motherboard plus 1 riser as well as 1 on motherboard and 2 on riser. It made no difference.

Issue is that if I use AMD's blockchain driver the rig will freeze after running for more than 10 minutes. It doesn't crash it just freezes until I do a hard shut down.

If I install either the latest AMD drivers for the GPUs or an earlier version, the rig stays stable but my hashrates drop for 28.x MH/s to 11-13 MH/s

I also tried 3 different BIOS mods with the same effect.

What is a bit odd is that this rig is about 8 months old - maybe a bit more. It was running fine with all 3 cards then I thought one card was causing an issue so I moved that one card to another machine - it, and this original rig continued to operate fine - till a couple weeks ago.

Any suggestions?


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