Why use second hand bitmain s9 s9i 13.5t 14t 14.5t to mining btc

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This is the daily income of the bit Continental ant s914T 14.5T on March 27, 2019 (under the condition of 0 electricity bill when accounting)

Now the electricity cost of domestic mines is generally around 0.3 yuan, and the calculated income is

According to this income calculation, the return period of the new machine is about one year. However, with the fluctuation of bitcoin price and the uncertainty of the whole network computing power, the one-year return period is undoubtedly very risky. Using a second-hand Bitcoin mining machine to dig bitcoin will reduce the return cycle to 4-6 months, greatly reducing uncertainty.
However, there are too many tricks in the sale of second-hand mining machines, which are generally straight for mines and are available for 24 hours. Second-hand mining machine trading is generally a mining machine, and it has been used for more than half a year, its own power board, power aging phenomenon is serious, the machine does not clean for a long time, covered with dust. After the second-hand mining machine with direct hair from the mine, the damage rate even exceeded 40% in one month.
In order to solve the pain points in this industry, we have the second-hand mining machine cleaning and testing, and then deliver the required mine owners. The calculation board power supply repairs the replacement. There is a big difference between cleaning detected and not cleaning:

After the test is cleaned, repack it

Now in the bitcoin winter, I hope everyone will warm up. Looking forward to the next bull market.


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