More than 80% of ICO's launched in 2017/8 Were Scams, STO's are the next step.

In the last two years more then half of ICO's was shut down or tagged at scams

There is currently an intense debate raging within the crypto community. This debate is centered around the emergence of a new method of raising money for blockchain projects, this method is called a Security Token Offering (STO).

Some people believe that STOs, will eventually completely replace the original Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Others believe that STOs in their current form actually take away from a lot of the original positives that crowdfunding through an ICO provided.

Here in this STO guide, I explained everything about STO's the differences and regulations regarding it and why it so good to the crypto world

What would you think will happen in the next few years, STO is just another faze or it will be the final form?  


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