Why are there so many issues withdrawing from exchange wallets?

My account has been closed after trying to withdraw from my wallet into my high street bank account. Can someone please advise?


  • ethreaperethreaper Member Posts: 39
    Well, I recommend you to find secured wallet first of all.
  • coinologistcoinologist Member Posts: 22
    I was thinking that maybe either: A bank employee from low down in the hierarchy is ensuring his/her job security by putting on a show of AML/KYC compliance, i.e. closing an account that received funds that he/she (the bank employee) doesn't know how to trace.
    A higher-ranking bank employee, having identified cryptocurrencies as a threat to the bank's business model (e.g. because they can be transferred electronically from person-to-person without banks being involved), has decided to protect his/her livelihood by actions that deter/impede public use of cryptocurrencies.

    I already have a secure wallet so I was wondering what the other possibilities were
  • squadussquadus Member Posts: 41
    I recommend you look for a secure cold wallet to store your Ethereum.
  • coinologistcoinologist Member Posts: 22
    I do, I was just wondering why there are so many problems when trying to withdraw funds?
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