[FluenOS] New operating system dedicated for crypto miners. Free, efficient, effective and stable

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TL;DR FluenOS - new operating system dedicated for crypto miners. Free, efficient, effective and stable. Feel free to test it. Links below.

There are many of modified Linux distributions dedicated for cypto miners. Many of you already paid for some - in fact - free software. Or maybe even quit the idea of using it, because of the price. We said: enough! We decided to create a real, free, opensource Linux distribution for our mining rigs - FluenOS. And it's gonna stay that way for lifetime. We promise (and also our license promises that). But let's explain in more details...

Who are we?
We are a group of crypto miners and developers, with deep OpenSource roots. We don't agree with paid software based on Linux, so against many trends we decided to create FluenOS. Why should we pay for something which was intended to be used for free since ages? It doesn't make any sense to us. Linux - free software, free as in freedom. In our case - also free as in money. Because it should be that way.

What is FluenOS?
FluenOS is a free and OpenSource operating system dedicated for crypto miners. It's inteded to serve people and be driven by people. Not by money and shady groups of unknown owners. Everyone can modify it, influence any change - just like in any other OpenSource code. FluenOS is designed to help us setup mining rigs, run them, boost the mining performance and finally monitor and keep them alive. There are many other functionalities like BIOS flashing, ReadOnly view, tagging any many more. You will find full OC (OverClocking), statistics based on graphs, wallet and pool management, stuff like that. Its usefull for extremely small mines (like 2 rigs) up to fat stuff like 1000+. It's easy, simple, efficient, but most important - it's transparent and free. No hidden fees, no hidden features, no risk. You own your own rigs. Because it should be that way.

How does it work?
FluenOS is based on Xubuntu. It's lightweight and based on standarized .deb packaging system. That's a good thing. We include many GPL licensed tools but also commercial software like AMD and Nvidia drivers.
Fluen runs in client-server architecture, altought it's possible to run Fluen as standalone installation. More details in docs.
On each rig, there is a daemon running (rigd), written by us, which - using RabbitMQ queues - communicates with online platform. In addition, there are two other processes running in background - updater and restarter. They guard rigd to make sure it's always up to date and running (and mining). Restarter is pretty smart so it knows when to restart the whole rig (even when it's in freeze state, yeah, that happens right?)
We have also created dedicated server to gather statistics (in quite dense time intervals), that is capable of serving quite heavy traffic. Gathered data is stored in InfluxDB, to guarantee free and easy access.

Platform UI (love.fluen.org) is created using Vue.JS, also avaliable as REST API for further automatisation. The base technology used here is buffalo framework, all written in Go.

Online platform runs in AWS, on dedicated environment, managed by Clouding (www.contrust.io/clouding). That guarantees stability and it's easy to scale up when needed.

What do we expect?
Fluen will exist and develop only with your help and cooperation. We want as many of you as possible to test it and give us your feedback. It's essential, so we know where should we progress. And what's the most desire direction. We already say: Thank you for any feedback you provide and we promise to take notes. Let's make Fluen great together. Spread the word, share stuff, make Fluen visible to the world. Because it should be that way.

What are beta-testers say?
Our main beta tester is Mateusz Lukow, co-owner of Minecare, offering services in rig management, optimatlisation and server collocation. Here is what he says:

FluenOS is a first free operating system dedicated for crypto mining, which really doesn't want my money. That's the reason why I immidiatelly got interested in it. Without thinking too much I started my coopration with Fluen team, since I was really distrubed by seeing all this crazy stuff going on on the Linux distro market. It's insane, really. Begginings wasn't easy - as usual - it's hard to create a fully functional mining software with one or two rigs in hand. This is where my 200 rigs comes in handy. That's quite some field to test Fluen ;) Fluen Team consists of great guys, with clear mind and strong skills. That made it easy to prioritise further development. Right now, Fluen is capable of serving very begginers but also proffesional miners who mostly use command line as an interface. Managing rigs is easy, fast and effective. I've no problems to figure out the UI, it's quite obvious really. I've got used to this UI very, very quickly. Overclocking works efficient, it's very easy to setup 6-7-8-12 GPUs at once, it's also possible to tweak every each of them separately. I believe Fluen needs even more testers right now to find new bugs, add new features and to make sure it works fine on every possible hardware setup. I think, with community support, Fluen will become one of the best, if not simply the best operating system for managing mining rigs.


We already want to say "Thank you" to everyone who decides to test Fluen - remember - it's always gonna be free. We strongly encourage you to download, test, comment, change the code, send us pictures, share info about FluenOS and all other activities which help us become more visible in crypto community across the world. We promise to make sure Fluen will become better and better every day. Greetings from all Fluen Team members and we wish you high hashrate! :-)

You will find us here

- Home page: http://www.fluen.org
- Online platform: https://love.fluen.org
- Preffered contact: https://fluenos.slack.com

Best regards,
Fluen Team


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    We are still working hard! No time to rest yet. We are working on a new miner (FinMiner) integration which enables 25 coins to be mined. In testing phase for now, but so far so good - very stable and efficient. Stay tuned B)
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