Some help and suggestions concerning bulk buy mining rigs

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I'm looking to buy some bulk miners from someone, but i have a couple of questions ?

First of all,  the Gainward P106-100 6GB Version Mining cards?

Are these quality cards? I never heard of these models ?

Also, are these RX470 cards of 570 Red Dragon cards, i can't seem to find the RX470 model with the red dragon on it. So i presume they are 570's ? I already had the 570 Red Dragon and they look similar .....

And lastly i have an option to buy either 30 P106-100 mining rigs (containing 6 GPU's and MOBO, CPU, PSU....)
Or 15 x P106-100 and 15 x RX470/570

Personally, i would do 15 of each, because the RX has VIDEO, and the P106-100 doesn't...

What would u be willing to pay for 30 mining rigs, 180 cards - 180 H81 MOBO's - 180 CPU 180x 4GB ram - and 180 x 1600 WATT PSUs

Thank you
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