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ICO Whitepaper Writing Services

A Good Whitepaper Can Make You Millions

Your ICO needs a strong whitepaper to explain why your company is raising funds and why people should invest. A well written paper will pay for itself many times over, so quality copy is essential. The more clear, concise and compelling it is, the more effective it will be.

What Should Your Whitepaper include?

You want your white paper to perform two jobs extremely well. First you want it to convey your idea and its profit potential persuasively as possible. You also want your document to be as objective as possible, so you have “bulletproof” argument for winning over investors. But you want it to be as short as possible, so readers are deluged with information and it has the most impact.

Here are the standard sections of a good whitepaper template. Of course, these sections and their titles would be customized for your product and audience.

About project

• Market Opportunity

• The Problem

• The Solution

• Solution Use Case(s)

• How It Works

• Business Model

• Tokenomics and token benefits

• About team and advisors

Whitepaper Planning

Your whitepaper must be clear, concise and compelling to be effective. The shorter it is while achieving these goals, the more effective it will be. It must be planned before it can be written. The result of an effective planning process will be a clear consensus from all your stakeholders and a preliminary whitepaper outline.

Your business goals, knowledge and ideas are the driving force behind your paper. My role as writer is to help you organize and develop your ideas, conduct the research and produce the paper. Further, the planning process will increase the accuracy of the quote for the work involved. A thorough planning process would include:

Your business goal(s) for the document (e.g. Lead generation)
• Your target audience(s) and their problem space
• The right type of white paper
• What motivators will pique your audiences’ interest
• How your paper fits into your sales cycle
• Your SEO keywords to include
• An official list of all reviewers
• Research already on hand
• Likely sources for further research
• Any previous examples to follow or surpass (Reference white papers)
• Who will do design and graphics
• Your desired timelines
• Some possible titles
• The call to action at the end
• An overview of the content
• Your budget and payment terms

How Much Should a Good Whitepaper Cost?

The price for whitepaper writing varies based on several factors. For example, a quote for a high-quality, tightly written paper including planning, research, editing, and project management would typically be around $0.5-$1 per word. A price for re-writing a whitepaper without planning, research or project management would likely be priced much lower.

Here are 5 Factors that Affect Whitepaper Price:

1. Scope

• How many pages/words? (Page is 300 words of copy)

2. Content

• How much research must be conducted to develop the content?

• Will people need to be interviewed to get the facts?

• Are there materials available (brochures, web pages) that can be reviewed to learn more about the product or service?

3. Planning

• Before your whitepaper can be written, it must be planned. There are many factors that go into planning a whitepaper such as target audience, research sources, call to action, review committee, and budget.

4. Deadline

• When will the project need to be completed?

• When will the first draft need to be delivered?

5. Review Process

• Who will be reviewing the copy? (Just one person or a committee?)

• How long will the review process take before requests for revisions?

Whitepaper Deliverables (what you get)

• Deep research on your subject matter
• An outline to confirm our direction
• A clear explanation of your offering without buzzwords
• Your benefits summarized without hype
• Your story told in crisp, journalistic style
• A superbly crafted white paper
• All your comments implemented
• A complete bundle of sources

Next Steps:

Get a Preliminary Whitepaper Proposal

If you have answers to the pricing factors on page one, I can send you an estimate for the first stage of the writing process. I will call you to discuss this over the phone and gather your information.

For ICO whitepaper writing services, contact me through the contacts I have listed below
My Contact Information
The ICO Copywriter

Website: www.icoweezards.com

Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @cryptowilie
Skype: ngariwilson30

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