The Real Estate Sector of Today

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The real estate sector with over $217 trillion in value is the largest asset class globally. There are four main segments of the real estate market; residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial properties. The residential market is predominately home and living spaces that are not professionally related. Commercial real estate relates to offices and retail spaces. Agricultural real estate is used for growing food crops. Lastly industrial real estate refers to manufacturing and production of goods. Property ownership covers the surface area of the land, the buildings on it, the vegetation growing, the minerals below the soil surface, the air above the surface, and water sources found there. These four comprise the greatest majority of land and buildings on the globe. The other type of land is infrastructural which is typically owned by governments for public use such as roads, airports.

All of these real estate investments have the same problems. Some of the headaches in property investments are liquidity, large initial investment, market fluctuations, qualifying for bank loans and mortgages, so many middlemen required to get the right information on properties, management of properties is time-consuming and requires hard work. While there are enormous benefits to real estate investment, these problems keep many people from entering the market and becoming investors.

The sheer number of people involved in nearly every real estate transaction is also daunting. First are the Realtors. There are at least two involved in most transactions. Buyers Agents help real estate investors to find properties for sale. Sellers Agents are responsible for helping to find buyers for the property, sometimes known as Listing Agents. To determine the value of the property an Appraiser is required. The Country Recorder and Auditor establish the title deed and provide information on the taxable value of the property and the real estate property taxes. A Home Inspector is required to determine the condition of all the mechanical and structural aspects of the property. Every property needs a Home Insurer to insure the asset for hazards, damages, and for the mortgage. If someone is selling a home often there is a Home Stager. The job of the Home Stager is to bring out the best in the house for showing it to potential buyers as attractively as possible.

When buying a property using a mortgage a host of other professionals get involved in the transaction. Of course, there is a Mortgage Lender from the bank unless purchasing the property in cash. There is also a Mortgage Underwriter to evaluate your loan application and the property to determine if you and the property meet the Lenders criteria. In most cases, the property will need a Licensed Surveyor to draw the geographical property lines and drawings of the structures. Also, a Title Insurer could be required to protect the buyer and lender against disputes over ownership should they arise. You might also need an Escrow Officer also known as a Loan Officer who works for the bank and acts a neutral third party to facilitate the sales, payment, document preparation, and funds disbursement.

The largest investment most people used to make was the purchase of their own home. As few as 20 years ago, the home purchase paperwork was as short as a 2-page contract! It was less complicated than most lease agreements are today. In the United States, the lure of homeownership has remained stable at around 67 percent which is about the average internationally. This has remained relatively stable internationally at 50 and 70 percent since 1960.

However, as the prices of homes increases and home equity decreases, a decrease within the next 20 years is expected from the Millennial Generation as home prices increase without the equal increase in incomes. A major factor is the availability of mortgages and real estate lending. The median price of a newly built home is now up to $335,000 in the US according to the last Census. To qualify for a mortgage in that range, the individual would need to make more than $90,000 per year leaving only 20 percent of the US population able to qualify. Investors are still investing in the market, but the percentage of homeownership is expected to drop as other investments become more attractive.

One alternative option for real estate investment is Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT). Numerous shopping malls and retail spaces are built under REITs. Also hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings, and sometimes industrial properties. Investors can buy or sell REITs shares like stocks, bonds, or other securities. REITs are now expected to own about one-third of the commercial real estate market. The 2008 Financial Crisis hit the REIT market hard and many development loans that came due in 2017 were not able to be refinanced and it led to foreclosure.

Bitcoin started to be more widely used in real estate transactions in 2017. It is believed that the first house sold purely using Bitcoin was done in the US in the State of Texas. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can do more than purchase homes and properties as whole units. We believe that real estate tokenization on the blockchain is the next leap forward in Future Living and the sharing economy. Stay tuned for next week’s blog on aassioHOME, a new solution to holding of real estate assets!


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    aassio and Code&Care partnership

    BERLIN, Germany - Oct. 5, 2018 - PRLog -- Two outstanding future-oriented organizations have partnered together to create something inspiring that will reshape the real estate market. aassio and Code&Care share a common passion for developing unique innovations in the crypto space. The goal of the partnership is to ensure the best engineers globally are recruited for the development and launch of the first real estate token exchange.

    The partnership began on 1st October 2018 with an objective to deliver first-class technology expertise linked with significant experience in business leadership, venture capital, and real estate investment. Code&Care and aassio will combine the power of their professional teams in the technical evolution of blockchain with the creation of aassioX. These extremely cultural and geographically diverse organizations are comprised of the best in their respective fields and will deliver an exceptionally brilliant solution to all of the challenges of traditional real estate leveraging cutting-edge cryptocurrency technologies.

    Quote from aassio, Ramon Feng, Co-Founder and CEO.

    This is a wonderful opportunity for the aassio team to grow especially in the area of technical expertise. We are thrilled to enter this strategic partnership due to Code&Care's fantastic experience in blockchain development. We recognize the need for the very best engineers to join our development force as we grow this complex new system to prepare the real estate market for Future Living."

    Quote from Code & Care, Andrew Gromenko, CEO.

    "Code&Care is excited to join forces with aassio to deliver the first ever real estate emphasized crypto exchange. This is a win-win scenario for both partners to combine efforts to develop a disruptive technology that has the power to fundamentally change the future of real estate investing."

    About aassio

    aassio is a blockchain technology-based platform providing effortless access to the real estate market to buy, sell, and hold real estate in cryptocurrencies. The aassio founders envision the creation of a brand new investment approach for the real estate sector to jettison into the Future Living Society.

    Twitter: @aass_io
    Steemit: aassio
    Reddit: aassio

    About Code&Care

    Code&Care focuses on helping companies unleash the power of the blockchain by providing outsourced IT product development, ICO dashboards, and web development. Code&Care has extensive experience in a wide range of technologies in web, mobile, and desktop formats and have worked with a portfolio of companies like Bitfinex and the TravelCoin Foundation.

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    meet us in Berlin!!!
    Save the date and meet us on Nov 1st in Berlin!!!

    Ramon Feng, Co-founder and CEO of aassio, will tell you how Real Estate Tokenization can enable the Future-Living society —

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    Who is Team aassio?

    The team at aassio is spread around the world. The company was founded by two serial entrepreneurs, Ramon Feng and Silas Gulart. These two charismatic leaders lead a team of 10 enthusiastic people who hail from around the globe and work with 5 equally international advisors.

    Ramon, aassio’s CEO, is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor originally from China. He has been living as an expatriate in Germany since 1999. He enjoys running startups he exited a start-up company named, which he co-founded as CEO. Ramon has an exceptionally strong real estate experience via a property-management company he runs in Berlin. He has a robust finance background from working in VC, and was a founding member of Taishan Angel Fund, the first Chinese institutional angel venture fund. Previously he worked with private equity and banks in Germany. He studied in China and Germany holding BA and MA degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

    Silas is aassio’s President. He is a value-driven serial-entrepreneur with 20 years experience. At 16 years young Silas started his own mobile phone retail business that he still runs, owns, and manages today. As CEO, he daily runs one of the leading mobile phone accessories distribution companies in Germany selling throughout Europe. He restructured AG through acquisition by Amazon EU. As an active angel investor he consults for start-ups and has built solid working relationships with team members over his career. Silas holds a degree in wholesale and international trading from the Hamburg Trading School. His passion lies in value-oriented business leadership.

    A majority of the team members are based in Germany and the company is registered in Hong Kong. Remote team members come from Russia, China, France, and even Kenya, East Africa. Many of the team members live in a location far from where they were born and have multiple nationalities.

    Michael, aassio’s CTO, is a senior IT expert and serial entrepreneur with 16+ years of experience in tech and product related leading positions. As a CTO, tech lead and head of product with around 30 software development companies or internet/mobile startups under his belt, he is a strong asset to our team. Michael’s expertise gained in working in numerous IT startups since 2003 is in a diversity of broad segments such as finance, IoT, blockchain, machine learning, predictive analytics, and information security.

    Kenneth is the Head of Engineering. He has been passionate about software engineering and internet technology since his teenage years. He works as CTO of, a leading Chinese FinTech company. Previously, he was tech director at Goodbaby Int`l. Besides his corporate experience, he also co-founds start-ups. Kenneth was Technical Head in the start-up, an EU-Chinese eCommerce platform. Kenneth holds a BS in computer science and a MS in automation engineering.

    Shuyan is the Community Lead. She has international business management experience as customer service, PR, events in the international companies in MLM, retail, and fashion industries. She is very fast-learning, self-motivated, and able to work on her own initiative or as part of a team. Shuyan originally comes from Shanghai, China and now lives in Paris, France.

    Crystal supports aassio’s Public Relations. She wants to change the world through effective, efficient, and creative management using cutting edge technological innovations. She is a specialist in program management, public health, public relations, and travel. Crystal has a BA degree in Sustainable Development and an MPH in International Health. She was born in the United States and now lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Andrey is the Russian based Community Lead. He is a passionate ICO marketing expert from Twer, Russia. He has almost 3 years experience in the crypto area. His business development and negotiation skills are great, which always provide well-done tasks.

    Ben is a Community and Media Lead focusing on Europe. He is a 15-year-old student from Berlin, Germany, and an aassio team member. Since the age of 11, he is fascinated by entrepreneurship and startups. That is why he decided to be a part of aassio. He produces video content, builds community, and organizes events for aassio. Ben is very interested in new media.

    Alexander is a European Community Lead. As a result of his work in areas like customer service and hospitality, Alexander has excellent knowledge of how to bring a product successfully to consumers. Additionally, Alexander has very good leadership and organizational skills. He holds a certificate for social media marketing. He currently lives in Düsseldorf, Germany.

    Fabio is aassio’s Designer. He loves how things express themselves, how they are perceived, and how they reach us through different channels. To pursue this enthusiasm, he studied at the Institute of Design in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he finished his Diploma in Visual Communications and Media. With his fresh and young perspective, he really loves being a part of aassio and develop the upcoming real estate revolution.

    The aassio team believes in the mission and vision of aassio of what can be done to create a better future through real estate and asset tokenization. We can build a better ecosystem for the future now and it begins with property. We are always recruiting new people, so please send your CVs to [email protected] for review.

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