Bithumb Payback Event

ethchangxethchangx Member Posts: 1
edited October 2018 in Promotional
Bithumb is doing a payback event for it's users to get a refund of up to 70% on transaction fee. The event targets foreign users who have completed transactions worth $890,000. They're eligible to avail a 70% cashback on all transaction fee incurred within this period.


  • jillivyjillivy Member Posts: 1
    I'm nowhere near eligble in terms of the volume of transaction required for the payback but just calculated it out of curiosity. If you traded at least 1 billion won which is like 890K, you can get 70% of 1.5 million won which is around $933. It pays to be a baller.
  • dimjimdimjim Member Posts: 4
    They had a promotion just last month which seemed targeted to smaller scale users so I don't think we should be complaining. Bithumb gets a lot of credit for how they handle themselves after a hack.
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