Call for OKEx and Xu MingXingTrails, Award 100ETH

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Our team lost nearly 2000 ETH in several accounts in 9.5 in OKEx leveraged trading.

On the afternoon of September 5th, bitcoin prices plunged continuously, and we used leverage (20 times) on the OKEx trading platform to be battered. Millions of dollars lost half in a few minutes, want to stop or cover the position, the trading software does not listen. After clicking the software, there was no response at all. There was no response to the login of the account, and I could not see my position.
It is now certain that the seemingly normal market volatility, but because of some signs, is considered to be the platform to deliberately harvest retail investors.
According to statistics from the media, there is no way to stop the loss. A series of conditions, such as APP flashback and platform failure to log in, have caused investors to lose years of savings. The largest of them, in just 23 minutes, lost 20,000 Ethereum, equivalent to nearly 35 million yuan.
No way to help. The customer service promised to explain in a day but it was cool, OKEx official said that the matter has not been studied clearly, and there is no treatment plan for user losses. Ask the customer service where the headquarters of OKEx is, customer service always refuses to say.
OKEx customer service "not online"
Not logging in to the platform, we first thought of contacting customer service. I didn't give any advice until I contacted the customer service at night.
Based on OKEx's long-standing blame and illegal practices, we made the following decisions after consulting lawyers:
1. Raise 1000ETH, our team is responsible for finding Xu MingXing and OKEx's office, whether at home or abroad (has changed the office since the OKEx rogue and illegal act was defended in May), after finding it, the current is not illegal The solution is to convene tens of thousands of victims to defend their rights or directly hand them over to the public security organs. The specific method is to be determined. If Xu Mingxing and his team are abroad, we will consult the relevant country lawyers.
Ethereum to raise address:


Rule: A, anonymous recruitment, each address transfer can not exceed 2, more than 2 will be returned. Announcement will be issued until 1000 ETH is raised.
B. The fundraising will be automatically terminated in the event that Xu Mingxing and his team surrender and compensate the victims, and all the collected ETHs will be returned.
2. For the current clues of Xu MingXing and the leads of OKEx office, if the verification is accurate, 100 ETH will be awarded and it will take effect immediately.
Contact email:
[email protected]

Please help us.


  • blockchainseekblockchainseek Member Posts: 31
    OKEx CEO Xu MingXing is now in Shanghai, Xu MingXing seems to be only closed for 24 hours, so the person who wants to submit evidence will come to Shanghai soon, or the next ghost knows that you can still get in touch with Xu MingXing, the deadline should be 2018 9 At 23 o'clock on the 11th, Pudong New Area Weifang Xincun Police Station: No. 655 Lushan Road (near Pu Circuit) Tel: 021-58305370, 021-22047465
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    Xu MingXing is the CEO of OKEx but I think he has improved the UI of OKEx .Tel: 021-58305370, 021-22047465
  • blockchainseekblockchainseek Member Posts: 31
    iosman said:

    Xu MingXing is the CEO of OKEx but I think he has improved the UI of OKEx .Tel: 021-58305370, 021-22047465

    We have already seen him and sent him to the police station. The Beijing Police Department has already filed a case against him.
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