8 gpu on MSI Z97 Gaming 5

dynamikedynamike Member Posts: 1
Hi everyone,
I've recently purchased the 8th GPU to add to my rig but I have then realised that my motherboard cannot handle it. Looking around in forums I have found out that it is only possible to have 8 GPUs after modding the bios. Does anyone have a modded bios or know how to mod it properly?

My setup:
MSI Z97 Gaming 5
6x RX480 Nitro+ connected via PCI-e riser
1x RX480 Red Devil connected via M2 riser
+ 1x RX480 Asus Strix on a PCI-e riser, which causes one of the Nitros to go unrecognised when connected

Thanks in advance for your help :)


  • hizia18hizia18 Member Posts: 10
    Putting a grahics card in other than the top PCI Express x 16 slot depends uypon the motherboard. Most motherboards are OK with putting the graphics card in the second slot, but not all. Why do you ask? Just put it in the top PCI Express x16 slot.
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