Is this GPU shorting?

SaphSaph Member Posts: 72
I have a small farm, 40 cards nothing major, I usually know what I'm doing.... however, this one is new.

I was doing a rebuild something I've done dozens of times yet this time one card is causing problems, it's an rx580 and the other 17 cards are fine, this card doesn't getting picked up by anything. Windows doesn't detect it and neither does ATI flash, which I think rules out a BIOS failure.

All the card does when I turn the rig on is the ambient lighting flashes red and pink, every second or so switching from one to the other, which isn't even the usual lighting on the cards.

It doesn't blue screen, it doesn't prevent posting or anything, it just doesn't seem to work. I've replaced all the cabling & riser to cabling and I riser I know works and it hasn't made a difference meaning I think the GPU itself is the problem rather than a cable/riser issue.

A friend has mention the card might be shorting out, has anyone ever experienced this before?

The card and the rig has run happily for 6 months sub 50 degrees so it shouldn't be burnt out and like every other card is working perfectly.


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