Seed or private key backup during presale

uprising_bikeuprising_bike Member Posts: 1
Hello all.

I'm trying to reclaim the ether I bought during the presale. I thought I used my default "low security" password that my friends know with a special character on the end. I would have rather used no password and wanted my family to be able to claim the ether in the event of my incapacity. Unfortunately, despite exploring an enormous permutation space, I have been unsuccessful. The ether is still at the address.

Alongside the CDs with my presale wallet, I had stored a mnemonic (I think for an intermediate wallet?) and 59 hexadecimal characters, which I seem to recall being a partial backup of the unencrypted seed or private key.

My purchase took place after I arrived home from travelling, a few hours prior to the close of the presale.

I plan on trying every possible insertion of hex characters to bring the number of characters up to 64, but would find it easier if I knew whether or not we were given the opportunity to make a backup of the seed or private key.

Also, I would like to verify that I understand correctly that - if the seed were ...ABC123 - bkp = SHA256Keccak(...ABC125) not SHA256Keccak(...ABC12302).

Thank you very much for reading and any input would be appreciated.


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