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Minera Crypto Mining Farm, What Is And Its Profitability
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Mining that gives great monthly earnings of passive income

Cryptomining farm is a mining company in the cloud that guarantees a daily profit for mining power that we buy in this mining company. This is the miner's building located in Thailand.

Your registration number in Thailand and your tax information are: Life time Technology (Thailand) co. Ltd Register No: 0505560006411, Thailand
ISP Class 1 License No. NTC / MM / INT / ISP / I / 012/2558
I like this minera this in Thailand, because the legislation in this country against Scammers and thieves is very strong. I also love the passive profitability that it offers, that it is paying correctly since 2014, that it has no maintenance costs and its great compensation program for those who like to promote.

And what is the profitability in this Minera?
I recommend doing the accounts on the basis of: 1000 (THOUSAND) GHS
Note: As you know the price of Bitcoin fluctuates with the passage of time, to know the quote of the day you can use the page of:

The following example I do with 1000 GHS, purchased on August 12, 2017, at an approximate price of $ 160 dollars (0.046245 BTC)
1000 GHS = $ 164 Dollars and gives us daily gains of almost $ 1 for 3 years

Recapitulating better the graph Previous, I bought 1000 GHS, at an approximate price of: $ 160 dollars, and it gives me daily earnings of: 0.9 Dollar, that is almost 1 dollar a day, and the contract buys it for 3 years.

Which means that at month 6 I recover my investment and I have two and a half years left to earn almost 1 dollar a day for the purchase of: 1000 GHS. But I can buy all the GHS I can.

So it is a lot but a lot of money that can be gained passively with this mining company.

The guaranteed profit is: 0.0009 USD per 1000 GHS
One important thing to clarify here is that you do not have to wait to recover the investment, to be able to withdraw the money from the daily earnings, if it is your desire you can opt for a weekly withdrawal policy.

Recommendations: I recommend buying at least 1000 GHS, and from then on everything you can in units of: 1000, that is: 2000 GHS, 4000 GHS, 5000 GHS, 10000 GHS, 12000 GHS, 20,000 GHS, 40000 GHS, and you already know that 1000 GHS costs approximately 0.046245, approximately 164 dollars at the exchange rate on April 12, 2018, but remember to check the quote of the Bitcoin day, on the page of:

And all this is 100% passive gain , without referring people, without making sales, without working, only buying and charging.

The profits are impressive and the best of all the mining company is paying dutifully since 2014.

So if you want to receive these passive profits with the mining company, and receive 50 free GHS for entering, follow these steps:

First step:
Register to the mining company of Crypto Mining Farm, from the following link:

And in the register option, you will get a registration form that asks you for some personal information to be able to register as: you put your name, your username, your password, confirm the password, an email, confirm your email, fill in a captcha that certifies that it is not a robot that is doing the registration, and click on the green button that says: register .

Remember to register to the mining company of: Cripto miming farm from:

The registration form looks like:

It is very important that you save all your data to later be able to enter your backoffice of the mining company as many times as requieras.

When you register you will receive an email that you must open and click on a blue confirmation link. So that your account is confirmed and active. If you do not, your account can not work.

Second step:
Configure your personal data that is missing in the profile.
You must enter your page from the login area , with your access codes,

And you go to the section of: ACCOUN- PROFILE, and check that all your configuration data of your profile is correct, or add the necessary data.

Third step:
Buy power of mining
To buy power of mining, you must enter your page from the login area , with your access codes,

and go to the section of: BUY, or the DEPOSIT FUNDS section, for any of these two menus, you can buy, and you get: a graphic like the following:

To be able to buy you must select the circle, hold it and take it to the right to where you are going to buy mined, you must also select the time of the contract, I recommend buying mining power with a 3-year contract, if you select a mining contract at 15 years or with indefinite time, you get more expensive contract.

Contract of 3 months: 30% winnings.
Contract of 6 months: 70% winnings.
Contract of 1 year: 160% winnings.
Contract of 3 year: 500% winnings
Contract of 15 year : 2600% winnings

After selecting the amount and duration of the contract, you select the purchase button and you are redirected to the payment area: For example this is a picture of the payment area when you buy 2020 GHS, you make the payment and in a matter of minutes the confirmations arrive.

Then you can enter your office again and in the DASHBOARD, or start screen of your Backoffice, you will see reflected what you have purchased from mining power.

Fourth step:
To withdraw your winnings:
To withdraw your winnings, you must enter your page from the login area , with your access codes,

and go to the section of: WITHDRAW FUNDS, which is in the top right of your office. The minimum withdrawal is: 0.01 BTC, and the withdrawal tax is: 0.0002 BTC, you select the amount of money you are going to withdraw, you put the address of your Bitcoin portfolio and you give CONFIRM. Your money is credited to you in less than 24 hours.

Fifth step:
To communicate with support:
To communicate with support, you must enter your page from the login area , with your access codes,

And you go to the menu that says: HELP - CONTACT, and from there you make your request.

Remember to register to the mining company of: Cripto miming farm from the following link:


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