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Needing some help here. I've just discovered I have some eth in an old address I created when initially playing around with eth mining late last year. I have the key file from the keystore directory (the one beginning UTC) but I can't remember all of the password - it was a six-letter word followed by four numbers. I can remember the word, but not the numbers.

So that's 9999 possibilities, which is obviously not feasible to try out by hand. Is there any tool available to automate this?


  • DaveBitcoinDaveBitcoin Member Posts: 3
    Hi. walletrecoveryservices.com will help you with this. (it looks pretty easy!) We normally charge a fee, but if you have just a few eth, then we will do it pro-bono.
  • LeChuckDELeChuckDE Member Posts: 46
    On Windows or Linux ?
    for both i could write you a bruteforce script.
  • aleksaleks Member Posts: 10
    Pass me your wallet in pm with the word that u remember, i can access in it in 1 hour
  • RamtopRamtop Member Posts: 8
    edited July 2018
    Resurrecting this old thread to thank DaveBitcoin, who managed to recover the password on my wallet. There was a mix-up that resulted in the lengthy delay.

    But of course in that period the value of ETH has gone up from around $11 to $450. So my eth that was worth less then $250 then is now worth more than $9000 :open_mouth:

    As I'm the type who always sold coins as they were mined, forgetting my password has turned out to be very, very lucrative :love:
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