Reputation Systems

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I have been working on the high level concepts for a marketplace protocol that will be built on Ethereum. To that end I have been exploring implementations of reputation systems and have seen a few common recurring themes.

- Systems that mimic traditional data scoring systems like Ebay albeit with the data being stored in a decentralized and immutable manner

- Systems that utilize the protocols token as collateral for staking in order to deter / punish bad actors (eg Numerai)

- Systems that use tokens that are separate from the protocols main token that serve only as a measure of reputation and which cannot be bought or sold (eg Swarm City)

I am interesting in knowing if there are any other 'superior' approaches to reputation on the blockchain that I should explore?



  • ebmarketebmarket Member Posts: 7
    I"m actually working on something similar.

    I don't have a collateral system for the reputation system like you describe. Unsure if it is necessary. I was thinking about either creating a js bot locally that would watch for unusual activity. Like receiving too much feedback in a short time, or all from the same user ect, and then temp banning that user, escalating in time to a full ban if they continue the behavior. I have also thought about just adding this feature into the feedback contract, just an auto suspend account if too many feedback in X amount of time. Never permanent but possibly escalating. Have it emit an event whenever this happens so we get a list of frequent offenders that we can perma ban if necessary.
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