A different take on lottery

For some reason mods don't want me to post this, this is the last time I'll try. It feels like I'm trying to post something to EOS, censorship much.

Here are the contracts
For other contracts search https://etherscan.io/txs?a=0xf39e044e1ab204460e06e87c6dca2c6319fc69e3]https://etherscan.io/txs?a=0xf39e044e1ab204460e06e87c6dca2c6319fc69e3
for contract creation TxHashes

It's a game, similar to a lottery but with some twists. It starts in 10 hours and the front page is exitscam.me/fomo3d

Even if you're not into games of chance, at least give a glance to the code. For any comments you're welcome in the Discord https://discord.gg/DbapvnH

I wish a great day to all of you dear ladies and gentlemen.


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