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Private Sales Starts: 27th June 2018



Liquid8 aspires to be the next-generation financial services platform that will help bridge the gap between real-world assets and the emerging digital economy with the utilization of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Liquid8 will offers a complete off-chain and on-chain tokenization protocol to put the world’s assets on blockchain. The tokenized asset can then be exchanged and loaned between community members within the Liquid8 Multi-Asset Wallet.



Liquid8’s mission is to promote financial inclusion for the general consumers and crypto community, empowering them with an equal chance to access financial services at the same level as institutional and high net worth consumers.



Multi Asset Wallet – Liquid8 presents a simple and convenient solutions for community members to obtain financial services, and to manage and store both crypto assets and tokenized assets directly within our intuitively designed Multi-Asset Wallet.

P2P Social Exchange – Liquid8 connects trading parties in any location within an efficient, secure, transparent and fair environment, allowing cryptoto-fiat or crypto-to-crypto transactions based on mutually agreed exchange terms, with any preferred payment method.

P2P Instant Exchange – Liquid8 is developing an Instant exchange protocol with proven technologies to enable smart price-optimizing and liquidity access to major centralized and decentralized exchanges for instant conversion between different crypto assets.

P2P Globalized Lending – Liquid8 offers a revolutionary lending platform that connects fiat-based lending with crypto-based lending via the utilization of blockchain technology and smart contracts; Creating an efficient, secure and flexible lending environment for both lenders and borrowers.



Token ticker

  • Token Type - ERC20
  • Token Price - $0.10
  • Soft Cap - $3 Million
  • Hard Cap - $35 Million
  • Total Tokens - 700 Million
  • Tokens Offering - 350 Million
  • Private/Pre-Sale Bonus Tokens & Airdrop Rewards - 105 Million
  • Unsold Tokens - Burned






Research, POC, Team, White/Lite/Tech Papers and incorporation in Singapore


TGE, Application for financial services licenses in ASEAN Region Launching (desktop & mobile)
Multi-Asset Wallet v.10


Application for financial service licenses in Asia Pacific and Australasia Launching (desktop & mobile)
Marketplace for Tokenized Assets, P2P Social Exchange,
P2P Instant Exchange (v.10)
Multi-Asset Wallet v.20


European Hub Setup: Management, R&D and application for financial services licenses Launching (desktop and mobile)
P2P Lending (Collateral Lending) v.10
Marketplace for Tokenized Assets, P2P Social Exchange, P2P Instant Exchange (v.20)


Launching (desktop and mobile)
P2P Lending Platform (Collateral with Credit Line) v.10 and v.20
P2P Lending (Collateral Lending) v.20

For more information, please visit www.lq8.io or contact us at [email protected]


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