Private Network Viability

greg42greg42 Member Posts: 3
Hi All,

Sorry if this is a dumb question: there's plenty of discussion about DApps going on, but I'm wondering how many people have created their own Ethereum networks?

Not just a test net but a separate production network with all their own infrastructure. If so what relationship if any do you have with the actual Ethereum network and are there any links between your currency and ETH?

Is this a viable approach? Benefits? Drawbacks?

Thanks for your thoughts,



  • islandBillyislandBilly Member Posts: 15
    Nobody ever answered?

    Well, I have some similar issues, and so far I have come to believe (after all the documentation is chaotic) that once you establish a private network, there is no meaningful link to the main Ethereum network, which is as it should be. The big benefit of a private network is the very independence from the "real" ethereum cryptocurrency. It is just a means of controlling transaction processing. So if you are interested (as I am) in processing very visible but safe contracts and don't care about some new currency, then a private network is a good option.
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