Creating a new wallet mobile application for newly created crypto currency

vijay_sugalivijay_sugali Member Posts: 6
I am doing as a Intern in Apogee Tech Global in Bangalore on Blockchain for three months.
My commitments is to learn solidity language, build smart contracts, learn Ethereum and Hyperledger.
I learnt solidity language. I haven't yet practised more on solidity. Just learnt.
By using ERC20, I have created a new crypto currency in ropsten test network and also verified in ether scan.
I can also create real crypto currency in main ethereum network if ethers are available.

But, here the company employee told me to practise on solidity more. Also learn UI develpment part parallelly.
To do UI part, they said to learn Javascript.
I learnt javascript in codecademy. Now I am going through React.js.

Now, based on above criteria. Please suggest me the path to learn the required technologies to develop a crypto wallet.


  • alexalexalexalex Member Posts: 6
    I think, you want to create something unique, so it is better to pay attention to the latest projects like It may seem to be pretty simple, but ca attract a big audience. I'm sure such a project can provide you with a fresh idea. Hope it helps!
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