Eth Claymore mining monitoring



  • jashjacobjashjacob Member Posts: 4
    This looks great!
  • GrumpyGrumpy Member Posts: 3
    hi, is it safe to put my password? in IOs ?
  • Nokia555Nokia555 Member Posts: 36
    Many updates have been made in a while, new folder system for ethcontrol configs, rig rebooter supports, wallet monitoring systems etc..

    Quick and easy overview
    All your altcoin wallets are listed with latest balances in coin and selected currency.

    Wallet balance graph overview
    Graphical overview of your current different altcoin balances for a quick view.

    CSV Exports and filtering for transactions

    Supporting CSV exports and transaction filtering gives you availability to check out every date needed for proper overview.

    Mobile overview
    Easy to track balances and transactions from mobile.

    Read more from:
  • Nokia555Nokia555 Member Posts: 36
    EthMonitoring OS released:

    1) Custom OC support for nVidia/AMD
    2) Fan curve support for nVidia / AMD
    3) Custom software support, you can deploy your own ccminers, claymore versions etc to your rigs with few clicks only
    4) Supports rig rebooter
    5) Full monitoring support by EthMonitoring

    EthControl v20 for Windows released:

    Supports Nvidia / AMD OC profiles and custom settings
    Fan curve support

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