Poor GPU performance

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My rig has 2 Gigabyte RX570s and 4 Gigabyte RX580s. I have read everything I can and watched a ton of videos. Modded the BIOS as per instructions, using the latest blockchain driver and patcher. My best card hashes at 27 worst at 25. OC with Afterburner does mostly nothing except make hashing get a little worse. I am using Win 10 and do not want to use Linux or a command line OS. By all accounts, I’m supposed to be hashing at 29 to 36. BTW, there are some instructions that say to change BIOS from gaming to computing. I don’t see this option anywhere. If you’ve got a minute, I’d appreciate hearing your tips for better hash rates.


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    to 36.

    If you think an RX card can get 36, you're delusional.
    depending on the memory, 28.5 to 31.5 is more realistic.

    do not want to use Linux

    Try SMOS. (simplemining)
    you don't need to know command line. everything is done via a website interface.
    Can be installed to a bootable USB stick.. so no risk in trying. don't need to delete your windows.

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    I said “By all accounts”. In other words, people and videos have been telling me I should be getting these numbers. It’s not my delusion, it’s theirs, I guess. Some report up to 39 with RX570. Anyway, calling someone delusional is not a way to help them. I will give SMOS a shot. Please members, any other advise... without being obtuse?
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    As far as I can tell, SMOS does not support a wireless internet connection.
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    Was this a very boring question to you all? 3 days and one sarcastic comment.
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    Was this a very boring question to you all?


    one sarcastic comment.

    Please look up the definition of sarcasm. I see no evidence of it.

    instructions that say to change BIOS from gaming to computing.

    This isn't in the BIOS. This is in the AMD software.
    But seriously... to keep smashing windows with a hammer will drive you insane. After this problem, you'll move onto the next... and then next... and then next.... It will never end. You're just at the hashrate phase of this adventure... when you start troubleshooting stability you'll be back. Why do that to yourself?

    Move to a mining specific operating system. Get a network expander to plug an Ethernet cable into or whatever if WiFi is an issue.

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    No, butthead. The videos I watched said in the BIOS. Joined another forum, same question and 16 answers in about 2 hours. This one is a veritable fund of assholes. Outta here.
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