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  • megapearlmegapearl Member Posts: 2
    Is there something wrong with the pool? balance stays the same for 4 days now, mining 24/7.
    If there's a problem with the pool, can you manually payout 0xce7df360a43cacd080aa84e39acc01b60a25a08f
    If there's no problem, I'll wait till next payout.
  • metaforxmetaforx Member Posts: 1
    Same here, after mining for days without change in the balance i start to get concerned and switched one of my rigs in order to follow progress here. i am relatively fresh to this pool but liked it so far. hope to see some progress, otherwise i would move on (and suggest this also to others).
  • megapearlmegapearl Member Posts: 2
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    Same for me, mining here for about a month now, I mailed them about the problem, if there's no reaction within a couple of days I'm switching too.
  • rbarsoianurbarsoianu Member Posts: 3
    Ok, so after 5 days i finaly get an increase of my balance. Just check my miner page (https://ethereumpool.co/stats/miner/index.php?address=0x7f26835c027307ce9d44f0c4c8cc2983597857b1), set date from the 9'Th of February and you will see how they are stealing. According to them, 0.0036 ETH revenue / day. Mining has been non-stop as it can be seen in the hash rate, yet, somehow, after 5 days (which should give me 0.015-0.016), the increase in my balance is 0.002. I think the admins here, when they said that the pool has a 1% (can't remember exactly) fee, they actually meant it the other way around. We get 1%, the rest is donations. I strongly advice everyone (except philanthropists of course) to stay away from this pool.
  • jpzweigjpzweig Member Posts: 4
    can someone please validate that^
  • CdhuscgCdhuscg Member Posts: 3
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    I am new at this but I can do math and can validate what rbarsoianu is saying, I mined for almost a week, over 620 shares with no interruptions and barely got a payout for 2 days of mining. I have switched pools until this one gets its act together, I have been sitting at 277 shares for a week now with no updates. Also have sent multiple emails and have never gotten a response from anyone.
  • jpzweigjpzweig Member Posts: 4
    Is there anything I can do abt this if i have less than 0.1 ETH? I want to move pools but I don't know if there's a way to transfer what I have already mined in this pool (for about a month now) if I have less than 0.1 ETH... Is it just as simple as linking my wallet address to a new pool? Thanks
  • CdhuscgCdhuscg Member Posts: 3
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    jpzweig, in your stats you can click on your address and it is actually a link to see if there have been any transactions made to you address, if there has then switch pools, if not keep mining, I have found they do eventually get around to payouts, but it is very inconsistent. I am still mining until next payout, then I am moving to another pool.
  • jpzweigjpzweig Member Posts: 4
    Thank you, Cdhuscg. So what you're saying if there have been no transctions made to my address and I have less than 0.1 ETH then I have no choice but to stay, correct?
  • CdhuscgCdhuscg Member Posts: 3
    That’s what I have done, mined just enough to get me over that 0.1 ETH switched pools and waiting for that final payout
  • jpzweigjpzweig Member Posts: 4
    noob question: when I click my wallet address, a table comes up and I can see my number of transactions (txn). How do I get this number to be something greater than zero?
  • AlcatailAlcatail Member Posts: 3
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    Can you please arrange a payout for me, 3 months of mining at 37 mhash and still no payput begining to wonder whats the go. Currently it wont let me connect so i am stauck at .098. Please process a manual payout for 0x6D89155A09961346B3b74ca312c9466c9B8b4247
  • AlcatailAlcatail Member Posts: 3
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    Was paid out today
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  • rado1309rado1309 Member Posts: 3
    Hello. I am new in mining ethereum. I try to connect to this pool (EthereumPool.co) and I have no success.
    Is 4 GB graphic card sufficient ? I have ASUS RADEON RX 560 4GB GDDR5.
    I use openclminer and settings on site https://ethereumpool.co/how/.

    ethminer -G -F http://ethereumpool.co/[email protected]@myname

    What else in settings in bat file is needed for connection with pool ? Thank you for your advices/comments.
  • rado1309rado1309 Member Posts: 3
    After I launched the bat file, there was a statement: DAG generation failure. Reason: invalid argument.

    Can anyone help with this problem ?
  • AlcatailAlcatail Member Posts: 3
    @rado 1309, my advice is forget this pool altogether, there are a lot of other pools that are heaps better. I jumped onto ethermine and they payout regularly and no issues with payouts, etc
  • DedaleDedale Member Posts: 4

    It seems i have a payment problem: My 0.10125288214544 balance should have been paid and is stuck since yesterday. :'(

    Could you manually proceed it ?

    My address is: 0x3b3459d844eBd18aFd3BF800b9BcfDa8320F55EA
  • DedaleDedale Member Posts: 4
    Seven days and still no payout...
  • DedaleDedale Member Posts: 4
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    Now i am at 0.10134207416671 ETH and still no payout. :p
  • StasyaStasya Member Posts: 6
    Dear community members,

    I am happy to announce that the Whalesburg smart mining pool is finally up and running. Our company is expanding rapidly; that’s why right now we are looking into employing more people in our Technology Comunication Department. You can learn more about our product here: pool.whalesburg.com.

    We are looking to employ:
    1) Experienced and devoted miners who are eager to develop further in the field.
    2) Active members who are constantly participating in all parts of the community (posts, comments, etc.)

    If you are interested, please contact us ASAP:

    Alexander by Telegram, @getshitdone or email: [email protected]
    Anastasia by Telegram @stasya, or email: [email protected]

    Maybe you could be the lucky guy or girl to become our new employee!
  • DedaleDedale Member Posts: 4
    I finally just got my payout. Pfew !
  • DrRedzDrRedz Member Posts: 1
    Dedale, it's not just you, if you click on the stats tab and then click on any of the miners you'll see that no-one received any payout i assume as there was no block found by the pool for a while.

    I guess as there aren't many miners in the pool these days (ether price drop > less efficient to mine could be a reason, poor reliability could be another) it seems the payouts aren't as frequent as they should be, and seem to almost be random amounts and not relevant to the number of shares I get. If anyone has any light to shed then i'm all ears.

    Thinking about moving pools unfortunately I have ubuntu, but am new to it, and can't seem to get the correct script to put into terminal to mine with any other pools, this is the only pool which actually has details on its website of what to put into terminal. Once again, if anyone has an easy pool to join which works well with linux then i'd love to hear it.
  • ethmypoolethmypool Member Posts: 12
    Looking for miners at ethmypool.com, if people are not happy with their current one. It's a new pool, and hasn't got their first block yet, but there is a bonus for the worker that finds the block.
  • goodproductssoftgoodproductssoft Member Posts: 4
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  • PitterPitter Member Posts: 12
    concur on the 488 level being the next hurdle. The challenge is to sustain these levels and continue the upward movement.
  • AlexsunAlexsun Member Posts: 2
    thanks for all those information
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