MS Windows 10 : 1809 Feature Update - Avoid!

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If you are a MS Windows user then avoid the Windows 10 Feature update 1809.

I have just been through a massive amount of pain and rolled back.

It is quite clear that Microsoft to not test with AMD Drivers.

I had massive amounts of stuttering and instability.

Well done Microsoft for not testing one of the most used component/driver in the market!
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    agreed although not 100% sure has anything to do with gpu drivers, seems they are having issues with ssd's and just as likely with the intel fixes as we all run the low end intel chips, my cpu is sitting at 25-30% with system while doing nothing..not even mining, i will if i can roll back :(
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    I had the same problem with the system process running at 10 percent. Got worse with newer driver and the AMD client model thing seemed to cause the spike. When I had no AMD driver all was ok.

    To stop the feature update go into windows update settings and advanced. Then under "Choose when updates are installed" set it to "Semi-Annual Channel". Hopefully MS/AMD will get their shit together before the feature update is widespread!
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