Solution for bad fans.

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I had some bad fans that wouldn't spin or that would wobble so bad they would hit the shroud or heatsink. Can't get stock GPU fans.

I just finished installing new 120mm fans to my second rig, I'll do my third rig tomorrow. Temps are great, and fans are quiet. This is a great solution if your fans are going bad and wobbling. If anyone is interested, for $20 I can get you 2 fans and wires, you'll also need thermal paste and zip ties.


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    I'm in the states.
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    i just did this on a 280x i had lying around not doing anything
    but i used cpu fans so much louder
    but i can OC to max and not break 70C lol
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    I'm going to help you out here... because there's a better way to do the zap straps.
    Step 1:
    Affix zap straps to card without fans. Pull tight.

    Step 2: slip zapstrap through fan holes. And cap with a 2nd zap strap. Pull tight.

    cut ends off zap straps. Will result in a little nub rather than exposed zap strap everywhere.
    also enables you to get the zap straps super tight so there's no slack in your fans.

    I could have technically put the nub between the front and back screw holes. Didn't think about it at the time.
    but that would have hidden the zap straps entirely.

    In this example, it's a Zotac Mini 1070 so a single 140MM worked better than dual smaller fans.
    Runs at 60 degrees mining eth and the whole rig is silent.

    I ended up swapping out all fans even ones that didn't need to be... figured that way I can resell the cards later with good OEM fans.
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