Grayed out AMD Afterburner

aminlvaminlv Member Posts: 7
hi Guys,

i have dual issue i hope get some help from you googling didn't help much,
my mainboard have onboard igpu and i have Sapphire nitro+ RX580

when my monitor cable connected to the AMD card i can easily OverClock the card etc.
so i decided to let it fully mine this and i use my iGPU for my daily work stuff.
however after changing monitor cable to iGPU as you can see on picture everything grayed out and wont let me change anything!

i had Nvidia and didnt have this issue with nvidia before
i changed drivers from crimson to adrenaline all sort of registry thingies changing afterburner version etc i could found on google! you name it ... i did it all

and still the same.
i appreciate if you can help me out

thanks for your help in advance ^_^


  • cidmocidmo Member Posts: 446 ✭✭✭
    edited May 2018
    i think in ur case it might have to do with using the IGPU
    as on nvidia cards u cant open nvidia control panel without a monitor attached to a nvidia card
    i would be interested if anyone has any ideas for this too tho if not
    right now in my main pc i got a ryzen/am4 platform win 10
    any card i put in afterburner 4.4.2 sees and can interface with
    mining rig h81 btc celeron win 10 same driver versions same afterburner
    and nothing just like dudes screenie
    same on a z97 with a g4258
    but works on a h110 and b250
    starting to wonder if it has to do with chipsets b4 ryzen and skylake and afterburner
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