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Where can I get information about private blockchains? I'm designing a decentralized multiplayer game with potentially dozens of players. Each player would need to access a DAPP (on the public chain) to exchange ether for game tokens, and, when leaving the game, access the same DAPP to exchange tokens back to ether.

The game, however, would generate a huge number of transactions, and the cost of gas would be prohibitive. Would it be feasible to use a private blockchain within the game? If the players used the Mist browser, would that platform be able to mine the private chain? Would a Mist instance be able to access both the public and private chains?

Or should the game be a web-based app using ethereum-js accessing geth?

Are there problems with this that I haven't seen?

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    I don't think private chains are what you are looking for. While geth (and therefore mist) can run either a private chain or the public chain, a single instance can't do both at the same time. Further, the private chain and public chain would have no way of interacting without having some kind of contract acting as a light client of Ethereum inside of Ethereum, which would probably kill whatever gas gains there might be from using a private chain in the first place.

    Even assuming that the chains could easily communicate, who would mine the private chain? The smaller the chain, the easier to 51% attack, and if the chain is small enough for a sufficiently rich griefer to attack it, it probably will be attacked.

    A Mist Dapp is essentially a web-based app using ethereum-js to access geth. Under the hood, Mist is basically using Chromium, IIRC.

    There may be ways to work off-chain, but they also may be likely to be prohibitively expensive to design. It may be easier to find ways to make less transactions, if that is possible.
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