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Hello all,

I have one rig 6x gpu gtx 1070 2 psu evga 650w and evga 850w using 1046 watts for the system. I am dual mining ETH+PASCAL ETH shows 192-193MH/S and Pascal 1936H/S. The problem is the system runs without any problem but starts losing speed because the hashrate is not stable. Goes up and down.

Any help?



  • Luck0rLuck0r Member Posts: 32
    The Calculated Hashrate is alot about luck, in one hour you will find more in another hour you will finde less shares = calculated hashrate.

    The reported Hashrate on the other Hand should be very stable

    My reported Hashrate for example is 249,6 (Highest) and 249,1 (Lowest) in Claymore and its the same on Nanopool.
  • TaltonTalton Member Posts: 25
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    I agree with Luck0r.

    When I started mining Ethereum I'd be constantly concerned about my curren hashrate.

    Turns out it's not very accurate, just concentrate on your average and reported.

    Take my mini hobby miner for example, recently added another card which kicked it upto 50-53 MH/s

  • Nanopool_MatthewNanopool_Matthew Member Posts: 17
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    That right. Keep in mind that due to the high share difficulty - Calculated H/s fluctuates all the time.

    What's more important is to ensure that the discrepancy between your 6-h Average H/s and Last Reported one isn't more than 10%.
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