ASIC Miners are on the way, then it's game over!!!!!

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In case you don't look outside the ETH world there has been a big impact on the latest ASIC mining hardware. So it seems like it is not long before ASIC miners comes to ETH and I stumbled across the following article. For some reason I don' think ETH will implement a fork like Monero. Time will tell but better to be aware!!!!


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    They come out the end of July (Bitmain Antminer E3) and they are nothing super special. 180 MHS 800W. Can do that now with video cards. Life goes on. Why link something so old?
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    The article was created on the 29th March and based on the recent impact of ASIC on XMR and ETN it is important to discuss this issue again. ASIC miners due to their very nature will be far more efficient that GPU's and that'a a fact. We can all stick are heads in the sand or face reality that a tsunami is coming. I don't wish to worry anyone but I want to make new comers aware!
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    Yes that article was almost a month old and Bitmain recently started selling E3's to mine ETH so probably more relevant documents out there that aren't speculation.

    ASIC's are coming and not a ton we can do about it if the Dev doesn't want to fork it. They won't have a ton of impact on ETH as they did on the smaller crypto's. 1 asic = 6 RX 580's. And the going price on the E3's is MORE than putting a rig together right now.
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    In case you guys doesn't aware with the price of E3 batch 2 has been increased to around USD $2000
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