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UK Question:

What's safe long-term to draw from a double socket?

Context, drawing 2250w, 235v & 9.8amps.

The watt-meter has a "Energy Overload" option that states 3120w, I'm assuming this is the max draw from the socket and I'm running around 60-65%.

The socket is warm to touch but not hot, can safely hold your hand against it without any bother forever.


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    BS1363-2:1995 requires for double socket outlets that both socket outlets have loads applied via test plugs, 1 test plug having a load of 14 amps whilst the other has a load of 6 amps, making a total load of 20 amps on the cable supplying the double socket outlet. The double socket outlet is then subjected to this loading for a minimum continuous period of 4 hours or longer until stability is reached with a maximum duration of 8 hours (stability being taken as less than 1 degC rise within 1 h). The test is passed if neither the terminals / terminations, nor the accessible external surface, increase in temperature by more than 52 degC.

    Meaning 52degC + ambient temp say of 18 degC means an external plate of 70 degC passing the test?
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    For continuous running a maximum of 80% of the 13 amp rating so 10.4 amps.

    So really your on the limit of the plug, there or there abouts.

    I don't usually run more than 1600w per plug. It's much safer long term. I've see cheap IEC cable plugs melt, and I've seen cheap double sockets melt. If you're all M&K's up to the max you should fare better.,
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