Ethereum mining rig

spacerocketspacerocket Member Posts: 2

Hi all,
I am new to mining and have recently purchased the following equipment to create my first mining rig:

Motherboard: Asrock H110 Pro BTC+
GPU: Nivida GTX1060 Windforce 6GB GDDR5 X6
PSU: Supernova G3 1000W 80Plus Gold Full modular
Processor: Intel G3930 2C2T 2.90G 2M Cache LGA 1151
SSD: Kingston A400 120G Sata3 TLC
Ram: 4G D4

Before I was planning to mine zcash with the equipment, but for some reason my rig is not performing efficiently when mining zcash. I am not looking for making a profit with it, it's just all an experience. But at least I would not want to get a loss with this. I have found out that Monero is going to create a forked MoneroV soon. With the equipment I have, should I go for it or mine another coin, with the prices of cryptocurrencies are quite low now? Thanks.


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