Nicehash vs other pools ?

BidragoBidrago Member Posts: 6
Hi. I am producing like 1300 mh/s on eth. Currently mining on nicehash which pays me in btc. (only 2% fee and free deposit to coinbase).

Do I earn more mining directly eth on a another pool?


  • Ericjh801Ericjh801 Utah, USAMember Posts: 370 ✭✭
    Usually directly mining ETH provides a better rate. Just use and look. I personally use to mine ETH. Plenty of options out there.
  • rigproxyrigproxy Member Posts: 26
    edited April 2018
    You get btc but you are losing money.
    I recommend you to join a big pool like dwarfpool or ethermine (1% fee).
    You will get ETH then if you need to exchange to BTC, use gdax or any other low fee exchange platform (free withdraw with gdax).
    I also recommend my service for optimization.
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