ICO contract pattern - Newbie

sotoqsotoq Member Posts: 1
Hi, we are looking into facilitating an ICO and therefore a token contract. I have been looking at other ICO contracts, but have no clue if it is a smart thing to just copy. What is the smart structure for a ICO token smart contract.

1. Should I load a fixed amount of tokens in the contract or have a mint function, to send tokens to whom are buying - pros and cons? I guess this also give a 2-way transfer when buying, or a transfer ether to owner and owner send tokens back, in 2 transactions.

2. When I search other tokens at EtherScan, I often see 4 instances of the contract. Why? Can you have more smart contracts to the same token or why 4 different owners?

3. It seems that TransferFrom are now obsolete, but many contracts have that. What to use instead?



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