ASIC resistant Hard Fork. (Still possible!!)

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ASIC resistant Hard Fork. Still possible!!

The Devs specifically said they would consider ASIC resistant hard fork if enough people continue to PUSH FOR IT.

If you care please participate in existing and upcoming Reddit and GitHub discussions and point out you best intelligent arguments.
(PAR) vs (PND):
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    I have participated and made it clear the doing nothing is really a not a good idea. I am surprised about how much push back there is against the miners..
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    Yeah I also don't understand why such a disrespect for Gpu miners that sustained the network for years and helped ETH to be where it is now.

    and I don't like the idea about Vitalik providing fast Casper with bugs as a an emergency solution.
    Sounds a bit unprofessional for multi billion industry.

    I'm 100% PAR. And if you still want to mine with your GPU support the fork!
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