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Hi everyone,

I have a ether/AUD market on the rinkeby network. There is no logging on or other registration. Metamask provides the account number. The dapp downloads the files needed to interact with the contracts. Alternatively one can clone the eth_market_dapp at my github and follow the instructions in the The website also hosts a chat app so that fiat currency transfer can be organised, say by cash deposit to bank account or perhaps in the mail.

To allow a trustless transaction a SECURITY DEPOSIT of the transaction amount is required which is released upon confirmation of fiat currency receipt by the SELLER.

The base contract Orders.sol is very short:
pragma solidity ^0.4.4;
import "./Sell_eth.sol";
import "./Buy_eth.sol";
contract Orders {
  event LogNewSellOrder(address sellorder);
  event LogNewBuyOrder(address buyorder);
  event LogRemoveSellOrder(address sellorder);
  event LogRemoveBuyOrder(address buyorder);   
  function newSellOrder(uint price) public payable {
    require(msg.value/2 > price*5000);
    address order =(new Sell_eth).value(msg.value)(price, msg.sender, this);
  function newBuyOrder(uint price) public payable {
    require(msg.value > price*5000);
    address order =(new Buy_eth).value(msg.value)(price, msg.sender, this);
  function removeSellOrder() public {  
  function removeBuyOrder() public {
  function() public {revert();}
This contract creates either a SELL ORDER or BUY ORDER contract each a little longer than Orders.sol.
I'm offering a BUG BOUNTY of 0.1 ether for a logic error and 0.5 ether for a catastrophic error in any of the 3 contracts: Orders.sol, Buy_eth.sol and Sell_eth.sol.

I haven't encrypted the the web traffic with SSL certificates since no sensitive information is stored on the server. Basically only files are downloaded. The chat app uses the crypto node module.

I'd love to read any feedback. Here or in the github ISSUES.


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