noisy screen on windows loading when more than 5 gpu installed

4vril4vril Member Posts: 2
Im puttin together a 8 gpu rig with these configMB :
MB: MSI Z270 Gaming k5 (latest bios f9c)
CPU: 4400 Skylake
PSU: 1350 + 700 W
GPUs: 8x 1070ti msi gaming x

When I install 5 gpu it works ok but when I add one more I get stuck at windows loading with a noisy screen like this (mine has a black band in the middle, I can take a pic if you necessary)

I never saw something like this and I cant find anything online.
I even tried 2x 1350W psu but still nothing.

I tried 15 gpus and 16 riser cards but the problem still stands

Any help would be appreciated


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