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Mine2TheMaxMine2TheMax Aberdeen, ScotlandMember Posts: 3
Hi guys - excuse the noob question. I've been using nicehash for a few weeks but want to mine with a pool. What's the best way to choose a pool?


  • SamsanSamsan Member Posts: 39
  • Ericjh801Ericjh801 Utah, USAMember Posts: 371 ✭✭✭
    +1 for nanopool Started there and not leaving anytime soon.
  • kondratovich1kondratovich1 Member Posts: 18

    Here is a small and efficient Ethereum pool with friendly interface and low fees.

    Income fees 0.5%
    Withdrawals every 10 minutes for balances over 0.1 ETH
    Free telegram bot to monitor workers

    We can offer special conditions for miners with hashrate over 1GH/s. Please, feel free to contact.
  • Mine2TheMaxMine2TheMax Aberdeen, ScotlandMember Posts: 3
    Did you guys read my original question? I'll spell it out again: What's the best way to choose a pool?

    Not what pool to choose.
  • Ericjh801Ericjh801 Utah, USAMember Posts: 371 ✭✭✭
    I personally choose a pool with a larger set of miners as they get blocks more often. Theoretically even with a smaller pool they should get a block eventually to split and you'd get close to the same payout, but what happens if it takes longer? I just assume get a steady income from a larger pool. My thoughts at least.

    Nothing against 99miners.com but their current hash rate is 119 mh/s. Why mine there? My current hashrate for my rigs is 1250 mh/s. It's going to take forever to find a block there and then split it up. Nanopools current rate is 35,700 GH/S and obviously they find new blocks fairly quick.

    Optimal choice is a pool with a lot of miners and that has the lowest fee's. Let me know what you end up picking, curious for sure.

  • theonektheonek Member Posts: 94
    oooh, with everything going to sh*t, it's too late already to mine in profit! Look at the difficulty and eth price!!! And people still cannot realise to stop mining and continue to rise difficulty despite the low prices..It's all pointless!
  • Ericjh801Ericjh801 Utah, USAMember Posts: 371 ✭✭✭
    So what do you do then? I mean it's still profitable, not a ton but there's money to be made. Isn't the $100 a day I was expecting but it's 50 a day. Why would I stop for 1500 a month or so? Who knows where the price will go.
  • stine_margastine_marga Member Posts: 10
    You have actually created the same topic on another subject.
  • rigproxyrigproxy Member Posts: 26
    A little bit late answer :

    For me the best pool is a big pool with lowest job and share transmit latency,
    a pool where you have not too much stale shares, is always online and is not stealing.
    Also, choosing the best method for your hashrate is often important and also depends on pool "found block" rate.
    dwarfpool eth is hourly based and is not bad for all speed of rig whereas a high hashrate fast pool which resets share count after each block is not recommended for low speed mining rig.

    If you choose dwarfpool, you can optimize your connection (time to get jobs, time to send share) and secure mining wallet using our service : rigproxy.com (currently in closed beta test phase but going to open beta within few hours).

    You can also contact me for more information
  • mchu3599mchu3599 Member Posts: 29
    Samsan said:

    ues nanopool

    No offense to those who like nanopool but numbers don't lie

    I tested nanopool and the current pool using the same exact rig for a few days each. The screenshot shows the comparison. I get 0.276 coins on nanopool during a 24 hour period and 0.363 or higher on my current pool for the same 24hr duration, if you are math savvy thats a whopping 32%
    Feel free to keep using nanopool.
  • theonektheonek Member Posts: 94
    and what's your current pool then, with more high payments daily?
  • mchu3599mchu3599 Member Posts: 29
    I am currently using miningpoolhub
  • rigproxyrigproxy Member Posts: 26
    nanopool is not a bad mining pool nor a scamming one to my opinion but network latency is important and few ms could change a valid share into a stale share.
  • AasimarAasimar Member Posts: 5
    I've been mining Eth at https://ucrypto.net/ for 4 weeks. I can recommend it because my profit has been increased.
  • kondratovich1kondratovich1 Member Posts: 18
    Do you compare real earnings or "calculator" value?
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