Phantom coins generated while solo mining/Entire blockchain keeps redownloading

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I first want to state I understand many feel solo mining is not profitable, so I didnt want this post to devolve into a discussion that I shouldnt even be doing it, I still want to figure out how to solve this particular problem. I am trying to figure out/understand why phantom coins are being generated which then cause the entire blockchain to re-download from the start which then remove the coins from the wallet, rinse repeat. I am using Ethereum Wallet v0.9.3, geth v1.8.2, and ethminer v0.14.0.dev4, with these launch settings

Ethereum Wallet.exe --node-datadir=h:\EthereumData

geth.exe --rpc --rpcaddr "localhost" --rpcport 8545 --cache 4096 --datadir H:/EthereumData

ethminer.exe -G

After the entire blockchain downloads i can start mining, phantom coins will appear in the wallet and then start redownloading the entire blockchain again from scratch then it resets the coin balance to 0. I have tried deleting everything and retesting including all files in the appdata folders but it still has the same behavior. Any idea why this is happening? I also want to add that before retrying by having the data on a different drive at H:/EthereumData I also tried with the default location in the C:/ user appdata folder but had the same result. Thanks in advance for any solutions!


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    Honestly, mine in a pool. Unless you're mining at like 4k+ mh/s, it will be weeks or months before you hit a block. Pool fees are low. Your rewards are much more consistent. And you don't have to deal with BS like this.
    --Rant off

    To answer your question, I think it has to do with pruning. When mining happens little forks get created all the time. Only after enough miners have a consensus will that fork be "pruned". So I'm guessing you may be mining off of an incorrect fork, finding blocks, then when there is consensus, it showed someone else mined that block first, and your credits are taken away. Only if the block you mined gets consensus do you get to keep the reward.

    At least this is my guess based off of what I understand of mining.
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